Wart Warning

Viral infections can cause warts to appear on the feet or other parts of the body. To either prevent these elevated blemishes on the skin’s surface from spreading or simply for cosmetic reasons, many individuals opt to have the warts removed. Typically, warts are first treated with medicines and then undergo an acid treatment. If these non-surgical methods do not have a satisfactory result, surgery is then considered. The simple surgical procedure is typically done with local anesthesia in the podiatrist’s office or outpatient center. It causes a minimum of pain and very little scarring. After surgery, the foot must be kept dry for several weeks due to the high risk of infection. Wart removal is usually covered by insurance.

Warts! Nobody wants them and, luckily, there are several effective methods available today that podiatrists can use to get rid of them. But since they are an infection caused by a virus, warts almost never go away on their own and you’d be smart to have your podiatrist get rid of yours once you discover one on your foot. For experienced, compassionate care for foot problems of all kinds, we welcome your call at Port Townsend Foot & Ankle Center, P.S., 385-6486. We’re located at 204 Gaines Street, where office hours are Mon.,Tues., Thurs. 9-4; Wed. 12-4.

 HINT: Lasers are often used to kill warts by severing their blood supply.