If the Shoe Fits …

Have you ever wondered why your painful feet get relief when you get home from work or play and take your shoes off? Maybe the pain is

due to the shoegear. Poorly fitting shoes can be the primary cause of foot, ankle, leg and even back pain. This also holds true if one is wearing the wrong shoegear for the activity that seems to ignite the pain. Shoegear that is too short or narrow, for example, can cause painful ingrown toenails. A shoe too big may allow excessive slippage of the feet, possibly leading to blister formation. And what about insufficient cushion and shock absorption? This can lead to multiple muscular and skeletal aches and pains, especially if one’s work or play environment is on hard surfaces.

Wearing properly fitting shoegear that is designed for the activity at hand, can help avoid these and other multiple painful issues.

And then there are the preexisting problems, such as bunions, hammertoes and flat feet. Feet like these need special attention when selecting shoegear. That is, if one wants to have comfort and avoid surgery. Certified pedorthists are highly trained professionals with the knowledge and experience to tackle these issues. A pedorthist can help select the right shoe and the correct fit, as well as make appropriate adjustments and modifications using various inserts and padding.

For a consultaion and evaluation, please contact Merida Reiner, Cped at the Port Townsend Foot & Ankle Center, 360-385-6486. 204 Gaines St.