Gettin’ Ready For the Rhody …

It’s that time of the year again. All of the weekend warriors come out of the closet. And so do the injuries!

Keeping in shape, no matter what the physical activity is, requires a year round regimen and proper preparation.

If you tend to hibernate during the winter months, don’t just jump back in at full throttle.

That’s an invitation to a season cut short by pain and injury. This is especially true for running. Even folks who run all year round need to keep the body in top form to avoid getting hurt.

Stretching before and after a run will help avoid sprains and strains. Dressing appropriately for the weather will also help one to use energy more efficiently.

And don’t forget about those shoes! If your running shoes are worn out, the body will be absorbing unnecessary shock. This can lead to tendonitis and shin splints. Not pretty! It’s also key to wear a shoe that fits well and that matches one’s foot type. For example, an overpronater (flat footed person) needs a shoe that gives added support in the arch. One may benefit from wearing an orthotic, a custom made, or prefabricated insert for added support and/or extra sock absorption.

So, Spring has sprung. Enjoy the weather and get those legs moving. But make sure to prepare your bodies and wear the right clothing and shoegear.

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