Psyched To Bike

Cyclists are no strangers to foot problems. This is due to the fact that the foot is the contact point with the cycling pedal. The more you cycle, the more the fat padding under the ball of your foot wears thin. Achilles tendon problems can occur, particularly with cyclists who cover a lot of miles. This tendon can

get inflamed from continuous friction. Sesamoiditis, the inflammation of the two small bones known as the “ball bearings of the foot,” can cause swelling or rupture under the stress of cycling. The pinching of small nerve branches between the second and third or third and fourth toes can cause numbness in the toes. Should cycling cause you discomfort, see your podiatrist.

For those who participate in sports of any kind, professional attention and guidance can help reduce the potential for discomfort and injury. And since difficulties with your feet can adversely affect your performance, comfort, and lifestyle, we invite you to call us for an appointment at Port Townsend Foot & Ankle Center, P.S. to receive comprehensive podiatric care geared to your individual foot-care needs. Your feet are our specialty at 204 Gaines Street, where office hours are by appointment and emergencies are seen as promptly as possible. PH: 385-6486. Credit cards are accepted, and financing is available.

HINT: Bicycle pedals with a wider platform distribute the impact on the feet better than smaller pedals.